Learning English in New York City - Where and What Type of Lessons

Learning English in New York City - Where and What Type of Lessons

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Coming to New York City can be a daunting task. The largest city in the world's largest economy, it's full of famous landmarks and people from cultures around the world. The best way to enjoy the city is to communicate with the locals, and if you don't speak Spanish your next best bet is to learn English.

Many visitors moving to the city dream of getting a good job, getting a visa in America, and if you don't have a job lined up the best way to do this is to take English classes. Learning English in New York will not only help with your job search later on, but also qualifies you to enter America, under certain restrictions. The I-20 Visa will allow you to come to New York City and take English lessons, but those English lessons have certain stipulations, such as a minimum hour requirement (usually 20 hours), and English lessons will have to be from an accredited institution.

Just do a Google search and you'll see there's tons of places to learn English in New York City. Which one will give you the best experience, the most attention and linguistic development? Of course taking into account costs of classes, which gives you the most for your money?

By looking at schools in New York you'll quickly figure out the business model for English language schools in New York City. They try to charge as little per hour, and in doing so they cram the most people possible per class. They'll also try to offer you the total package, room + board, sightseeing, internships, and of course 20-30 hours of English language instruction.

Which English school is the best school to try? Follow your gut, read the website, and then contact the school. How quickly they get back to you, and how informative they are, is likely a good indicator of how good their classes will be. Also pay close attention to class size, if it's going to be 20-30 students per class, you'll get about 1/8 the attention that a 5-10 per class will give you. Also, finally take into account an intensive course with less people, or even private lessons for English, could be much more effective for you than a group class of 20 people.

In conclusion, welcome to New York City! Learning English in the big apple can be a life changing experience, just make sure to do your homework on which institution you choose to come here with.




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