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Learning Hiragana, Mastering the Technique of Memorization (6th and 7th rows)

This article is the 4th installment for learning Hiragana. By now you should be quite familiar with the rows from あいうえお かきくけこ さしすせそ たちつてと なにぬねの. You should be able to at least recognize those and read them in succession. The key to memorizing is repeating the rows out loud in order, again and again. Also reading words in Hiragana helps, and after the Hiragana articles are complete we’ll also publish a practice reading article to master memorizing the characters.

Without further ado let’s introduce the 6th and 7th rows of Hiragana:

In the middle character, “Fu”, please note this is sometimes written as “Hu” also. It might be difficult to decipher from the character, but the stroke order goes #1 top middle #2 center #3 left #4 right.


Up to this point you’ve learned 35 characters, congratulations! Afterwards we’ll publish one more article with 11 more characters, afterwards you’ll have the entire Hiragana alphabet at your disposal. When you’ve learned the entire Hiragana alphabet, you’ve learned all the phonetic sounds there are in Japanese. Every sound afterwards is just a variation of what you’ve already learned.

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I know it's been a while since the post, but there's little slip-up. You wrote 'tsu' where 'su' would go in the first paragraph. Anyhow, thanks for a very helpful post!

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Hills Learning

ありがとう! This has been fixed Cong.

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