New Ways of Speaking Japanese

New Ways of Speaking Japanese

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Feel like you’re in a rut? Tired of always using those same old bland declarative statements of “watashi wa desu” or questions like “o-genki desu ka?” Adding in some conversational filler words is a great way to improve your Japanese and make it sound more natural. Including these words will let you add to the conversation, change topics, or cut to the chase just like the natives. Let’s get started:

Changing Topics:

ところで                  tokoro de – by the way…

話は違うが              hanashi wa chigau ga… –

On a separate note.., to change the topic..


Adding to the Conversation:

そういえば              sou ieba – Speaking of which…, that reminds me…

実は                           jitsu wa – Actually…


Getting to the Point:

正直に言うと         shojiki ni iu to – to be frank…, to just say it straight out….

さっそくですが     sassoku desu ga – to cut to the chase…, to get right down to it…

*Note: the filler phrases here always come before the statement you want to make.

Let’s look at some examples:


hanashi wa chigau ga kinou no de-to wa dou deshita ka?

On a separate note, how was your date yesterday?


sassoku desu ga shigoto no hanashi ni hairimashou.

To cut to the chase, let’s talk about business.


tokorode, doresu dou kashira?

By the way, how’s the dress?


gyunyu ga kirete ta na.

That reminds me, I’m out of milk.


jitsu wa, tanomi ga aru.

Actually, I have a favor to ask.


shojiki ni iu to, kanojyo ga inakunatte seisei shita.

To be frank, I’m relieved that she left.

Add these into your Japanese conversation and you’ll be speaking like a Nihonjin in no-time! Want to take the next step? Sign up for some lessons at Hills Learning to learn how to chit chat with the best of them. Leave a comment to let us know what you think.


Amerikajindesu · 5/16/2011 4:21:10 PM


this helped me a lot!

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