Sasaeng Fans!

Sasaeng Fans!

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As the K-pop industry continues to grow and the Hallyu wave continues to spread like wild fire, fans are becoming more invested with the day to day lifestyles of their favorite idols. They are willing to go to great lengths in trying to piece together what idols do when they're not on stage. From following social media accounts to watching fancams or looking up candid pictures anything and everything is used to help fanboys and fangirls imagine how they're favorite idols behave when theyre not on stage. But at what point in time are you drifting into the line of becoming a sasaeng? What is the difference of being a fan and a sasaeng fan? Most importantly how does one prevent themselves from becoming one?

A sasaeng fan is a overly obsessed K-pop fan that dedicates their time stalking and invading the privacy of idols.

Each and every day there have been more accounts of idols being harassed by sasaeng fans. One of the recent accounts include a EXO fan that was arrested for fraud and embezzlement in order to pay for her expenses in following the popular idol group day in and day out. The relationship between idols and their sasaeng fans has been a disaster from the start. Many fans of K-pop do not consider sasaeng fans as fans due to their erratic behavior.

What do you think about Sasaeng fans? Any stories you would like to share?


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