Director's Corner - 03/14/14

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I’d like to try to post once a month and give some updates about Hills Learning and how things are going at the school. I will start it off by writing a “Director’s Corner”, and soon to follow will be excerpts from our teachers, students, and other faculty at the school that can talk a little bit about their experiences at Hills Learning and how their classes and jobs are going.   I thought it appropriate to start off my post with a picture of myself, my wife and my 7 month old ...

Interview with Director of Hills Learning, 11-05-13

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Interview with Jon Hills, Director of Hills Learning. The interview was done by Rolls Andre on 11-05-13, who is responsible for Hills Learning Facebook, and is also an instructor at Hills Learning. 1.When and most importantly why did you start Hills Learning? – Hills Learning was started in January 2009, a tough time for business but a great opportunity for students looking to learn language and choose a new career path. Hills Learning was started because there wasn’t a school in New ...