Top 10 Applications for Learning Chinese

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When searching the Apple store, you will be amazed by the amount and variety of Chinese learning apps. This article will give a brief introduction to 10 categories of them and recommend handy apps for all Chinese learners. 1. Flash Card l  Fun Chinese (Listening practice)  Recommend: Yes ★★★            ( Fun Chinese provides several different games in every topic for learning Chinese. Memory game: matching the color in a different box. Bubble game: eliminating color bubbles ...

Learn Chinese NYC - The Chinese Pronunciation System (Pin Yin) - Initials

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Congratulations on choosing to learn Chinese Pinyin! Whether you're an advanced or a complete beginner, developing your pinyin skills is essential for any Chinese language learner. Once someone has perfected the pinyin system of sounds, they can basically read and communicate with any Chinese person. The only criteria is that the Chinese person needs to remember their pinyin! Debunking the Myths about Pinyin A lot of foreigners looking to learn Chinese see the pinyin system as developed ...

Why Businesses Should Learn Chinese

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The buzz language in New York City these days is Chinese. Whenever you speak with someone about new business opportunities China will usually enter into the conversation. But is Learning Chinese really worth it? In a bilingual world where Chinese people are moving to New York City, you would think just a trusted in house translator would suffice for companies doing business in China. This article will argue that at least learning the basics of Chinese can jump start your business and give ...

Learn Chinese NYC - Basics for Pronounciation and the Four Tones

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Congratulations on choosing to learn the new buzz language in New York City, Chinese. When learning Chinese it's important to first learn the pronunciation of the language. Mandarin Chinese is a tonal language, with 4 tones that can change and distinguish the meaning of words. It's important to become familiar with the tones in the beginning, mastering the tones will take time and energy with a trained teacher. Don't worry though, Cantonese has 7 tones, and Vietnamese has 9 tones, so ...

Learn Chinese NYC - Where to Start and The Basics

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Congratulations on choosing to learn the most prominent Asian language for the new decade in 2010. Learning Chinese has become the new linguistic pursuit in schools throughout NYC. Individually when networking I've also come to find out that businessmen, government employees, parents concerned about their children's future, or just individuals interested in Asian language or culture have all at least discussed the possibility of learning Chinese. The possibilities with the language seem ...